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Erik Enocksson

Erik Enocksson is a Stockholm-based composer. Erik Enocksson's "Farväl Falkenberg" (soundtrack of the recent film by the same name [English title is "Falkenberg Farewell"]) was released by Kning Disk, a Göteborg, Sweden based label which specializes in limited edition releases by similarly inventive composers. The album "Farväl Falkenberg" reverberates with the sounds of Swedish small-town life. Later, in 2008, he recorded Skinnskatteberg - a "live" event/concert in the woods (much like one of Sigur Rós's happenings presented in "Heima"), which is to be released on DVD in 2011. In 2009 he created a soundtrack for another Swedish production - "Man Tänker Sitt" (English title is "Burrowing"). He also is responsible for composing music for ...

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Orphan Ann

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