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Collide (LV)

There are three bands using this name: a Californian electrogoth/industrial rock band, a Latvian thrash metal band and the band that Canadian artists Tara S’Appart (Elevator) and Ron Bates (Orange Glass) were in during the early 90s.

COLLIDE: The Electrogoth/Industrial Rock Band

An Electrogoth/Industrial Rock band founded in the early nineties, in Los Angeles. The name comes from the collision of musical styles – ethereal vocals provided by kaRIN, industrial music provided by Statik.

The Story of COLLIDE
”We just wanted to make the kind of music that we wanted to hear.”

Once upon a time, somewhere around 1992, two people met at an industrial dance club. One was very thirsty, so they asked...

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1. Aladdin is psytrance DJ and producer Michael from Stockholm, Sweden.
Aladdin started his career in 2000 and did his first track release 'Cyborg Eye Of Mine' in 2003 on Swedish 'Creon Records'.
His debut album, Void Last Line, was released in 2008 on Meira Records.

2. See アラジン

3. One of junglist producer Aphrodite's pseudonyms.

4. An incorrect tag for Alan Menken who wrote the music to the 1993 Disney Animated Film.

5. ALADDIN is a new Touhou arrangement circle. The circle notably features the now defunct Studio "Syrup Comfiture" arranger Syrufit. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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