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Tequila Mockingbyrd

Melbourne’s Tequila Mockingbyrd, the jagerbomb-fuelled party-byrds, pack a high energy punch with a thirst for good time rock n roll that will knock you off your feet and keep you wanting more. You won’t find this trio playing nice. They rip through their hard rocking riffs and earth shattering drums at a blistering pace keeping the high energy from the first beat until long into the after party.

With an arsenal of catchy riffs and memorable choruses, Tequila Mockingbyrd address ‘serious’ issues such as paying too much for alcohol (Jagerbomb), flip the bird to those who threatened to kick them off stage if they played too loud (Shut Me Down) and proudly endorse shaking what you got and using your assets to get where you wanna ...

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Black Aces

ROCK 'N' ROLL!!! Thats what its all about, and thats what Black Aces are about! Forming early 2007 out of the local pubs came three musicians with a need to bring back straight edge, meat and potatoes, no bullshit rock to the music scene. These three fine young degenerates were skin smashn 'Petey Lace', Tyler 'T- Bone' Kinder and Josh 'Husky' Hudson. Once the three had thrashed their way through a hand full of jams and had become satisfieid with their brash oz rock sound they set about finding a singer. Sorting their way through a couple of no-hopers they set upon the pipes of one Joel Hoskin. After a couple of historic gigs around some Bendigo pubs the four made their way to Rod Bradbury at Soul studios to lay down some of their crowd p...

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