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Kamilya Jubran (PS)

Kamilya Jubran {كميليا جبران} was born in Akka, Palestine, to Palestinian parents who are from a northern Palestinian village in Al-Jaleel. Her father Elias Jubran, an authentic instrument maker and a music teacher; was her first source of classical Arabic musical education. In Jerusalem and for twenty years, Jubran was Sabreen's lead song performer, and player of oud, qanun, and other oriental instruments. From 1982 to 2002 Jubran, along with Sabreen, represented the voice of resistance; struggle for freedom, and of a deep and dynamic artistic-political process that created a new style of a unique modern Arabic song. Since May 2002, Jubran has toured with Mahattaat, Wameedd, and her solo show in several Arab and European cities. Read ...

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