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Joddla med Siv

Joddla Med Siv is a swedish comedy-folk-rock band from Hässleholm in Skåne, south Sweden. They formed in february 1990, and today the band has 8 records to be proud about. They have sold about 35 000 records just in the region of Skåne. The band consists of Lucky Martin - vocals, sounds and washboard, Steven Ragebla - pokefinger and guitar, Pär Plåt - Korean backbeatguitar, choir, Mange Manet - ''glesbyggdssynth'' (translated parsely-populated-area-synth), choir, Jeppe Kaga - bass, Bongo-Uffe - drums. The band shows up at folk-fests in south sweden, often seen at Malmöfestivalen - Malmö, Trollsjörock - Eslöv, every summer the band tours around south Sweden to play in different places.
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