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Luleå Loves Austin - songwriting concert

Shawnee Kilgore

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Gareth Bonelli

Lydia Hol

Graham Weber

From a certain glass-half-empty point of view, Austin, Texas needed another singer-songwriter when Graham Weber moved to town about as much as young Graham, six years earlier, needed to be dumped by the girl who left him for another guy named Graham — weeks after he’d moved halfway across the country to live with her in Los Angeles.

But because the last thing the world needs now is more pessimism, let’s reassess things through glass-half-full glasses. Fact is, even a music town as glutted with songsters as Austin could use a hell of a lot more of ’em of Graham’s caliber, even if they have to be imported from decidedly non-music towns like Kent, Ohio. And had it not been for the gal who dumped Graham in the City of Angels, leav...

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