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High Time

High Time is a Bulgarian alternative jazz/funk trio; collaboration between three musicians - Antoni Rikev (WahTony) - guitar, Nikolay Danev - drums, Radoslav Slavchev - bass guitar.The three virtuosos start playing together in Ruse town in a band 'Ahead'.After finishing their musical high-schools, the musicians come to Sofia to study in university, where continue playing together, and partial, in formations like Tri O Five, Safo, Dirty Purchies.High Time is a successfull tryout of the three instrumentalists to go back to the virtuoso modern jazz sound, the one that united them in the beginning.
At the moment, the modern alternative jazz trio High Time is recording it's first album. Read more on Last.fm . User-contributed text is av...

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Psychic Ills (US)

Psychic Ills is a psychedelic rock / experimental rock band from New York City, NY, United States, that became active sometime during 2003. The current line-up consists of Tres Warren (guitar, vocals), Elizabeth Hart (bass), Chris Millstein (drums), Scott Ryan Davis (guitar), and Scott Davis (keyboards).
Their sound has included a combination of rock experimentation, drones, electronic textures, and various ethnic influences. Their live shows have varied widely and have been known to have an improvised performance art element as well.

Psychic Ills released their first full length album, Dins, in early 2006. The album's cover art is German Fluxus artist Wolf Vostell's painting Three Hairs and Shadow. The Village Voice nam...

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Nap Eyes