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My Heart is a Metronome

The Bongo Club



There are at least four artists with the name Grayscale:

1. An American indiepop group founded in 2005 and active through the present.
2. A Gothic metal band founded in Finland in 2000.
3. A trio of 8bit/chiptune ATARI musicians from Poland. See Grayscale Project instead.
4. A Hardcore band from Semarang, Indonesia, free download and listen their EP here

1. Brit-pop influenced rock with a New Wave kiss… a mashup of U2, The Psychedelic Furs, and Pink Floyd. Straight outta Cleveland.

The Grayscale story begins with Douglas finding William through the murky soup of the Internet. They also found that they shared influences ranging from The Cure, to Snow Patrol, to U2. They rapidly assembled a ...

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