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1) Blackjack an American rapper.

2) Blackjack was a band featuring Michael Bolton and Bruce Kulick. The drummer was Sandy Gennaro and the bass player was Jimmy Haslip.

3) Blackjack is a Grime Producer In Nasty Crew From East London, UK

4) Blackjack is a Thrash-/Groove-Metal band from Germany.

5) Blackjack was a 1990s hard rock band from Hamilton, New Zealand. Info.

6) BlackJack was an alternative rock band from Croatia.

7) BlackJack is a Swedish Dansband.

8) Blackjack is a Scottish Hard Rock/Southern Rock band from Edinburgh.

9) BlackJack is a Spanish Hard Rock band from Albacete Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Cr...

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