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Acid Ape

Marcus (drums), Kristoffer (bass/vocals) Ossian (guitar/vocals)

"Acid Ape has a sound that makes me think of Melvins, but unlike Melvins, I´ve yet to hear an Acid Ape track that doesn´t deliver. Acid Ape doesn’t really sound like any other band, but if you like bands like Melvins, Cream Abdul Babar and to some extent Neurosis you’d probably love their insane approach to everything fuzz `n´ feedback drenched. There’s tons of odd riff combinations and melodies and there’s enough twists and turns to keep the attention of even the most jaded listeners!" hogfeldt

"ACID APE is not your typical Rock band of new. They are somewhat of a throw back to the 1990's where Alternative Rock ruled the airwaves in th...

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