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Chorusgirl (UK)

Chorusgirl make noisepop, blending the sounds of Lush, the Cure, The Breeders, Pulp, the Bangles, surf, girl groups, melodies, dirt, jangle and noise into a swirling & shimmering mix that spins your head until you’re dizzy. The lyrics are personal, delicate and angry, about losing and giving up, but all of that heartache and anger is layered underneath enough noisy rubble and happy fizz.

The band is Silvi Wersing’s brain child and the name references the fact that she spent years being a bassist to others’ dreams, until deciding that introverts and chorus girls could and perhaps should front their own shows. She started writing songs and recruited her friends to her new London-based venture at the start of 2014: Caroline on gu...

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