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Karin Krog (NO)

Karin Krog (born May 15, 1937 in Oslo) is a celebrated Norwegian jazz vocalist.
She started to sing at an early age and in 1955 she was hired by the pianist Kjell Karlsen to sing in his sextet.

In 1962 she started her first group and that same year she become a student of the well-known Norwegian-American singer Anne Brown. Karin studied with Brown until 1969.

She is one of the first in Jazz to experiment with electronic vocal effects (loops, modulation, etc.), which can be heard in the "Gittin' To Y'All" album, which also features Terje Rypdal Group and a large ensemble featuring members of Art Ensemble of Chicago. In the 60s she began collaboration with a multi-read instrumentalist, pianist, composer John Su...

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