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Barbados is a Swedish dansband, formed in 1992, who have had several Swedish chart successes. The band, with lead singer Magnus Carlsson, became widely known after their second place in Melodifestivalen 2000. The band has replaced lead singer twice. First Magnus Carlsson left the group in 2002 and later became a member of the group Alcazar. Mathias Holmgren, a former Fame Factory student was the new lead singer, but was in 2004 forced to leave the band. The third and latest lead singer, Chris Lindh, is also planning to leave the band in early 2007.

The band has participated four times in the Swedish preselection of the Eurovision Song Contest:

2000: "Se mig", placed second
2001: "Allt som jag ser", placed seco...

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Limited Edition

1-Limited Edition is an eurodance project that released the single "You Make Me Feel So Good".

2-Limited Ediiton is an one-man-project from Finland. Mostly electronic music. Not really a active band - just occasional stuff.

3- Limited Edition is a small band from Townsville, Australia consisting of five middle aged men, who came up with the name 'Limited Edition' from to their lack of availability to play together due to their busy life and family commitments. They placed 2nd in the NQ TalentQuest in 2004, and four of their songs were featured in a local radio station's 'Local Licks' segment. Although they wrote many songs together, they only professionally recorded three, and never commercially released anything....

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