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Ali Azimi (IR)

Ali Azimi is an Iranian singer and song writer based in London but originally from Tehran, His previous work with Iranian rock band "Radio Tehran" as the band's leader, principal singer, song writer and lyricist has defined a fresh sound and vibe within Iranian alternative music scene.
Ali's new album "Mr Mean" was released in Oct 2013.

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The Need

There are at least two bands called The Need.

1. Started in the late 1990s, and broke up in 2000 formed by Rachel Carns and Radio Sloan as a "queercore band".

2. Originated in Brisbane, Australia by Bradley Stokes, Pharos Roche, and Steven Leslie in March, 2012. (Alternative Rock)

1. The Need was a queercore band that originated in Olympia, Washington in the late 1990s. It was formed by Rachel Carns (drums and vocals) and Radio Sloan (guitar and bass guitar); both were veterans of other indie rock bands. Carns was previously in Kicking Giant, The Fakes, Witchypoo, Slant 6. Both members of The Need were in CeBe Barnes Band along with Miranda July and Sleater-Kinney drummer Toni Gogin. The Need made thei...

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