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Farmers Market (NO)

The band plays a virtuoso and humorous fusion of jazz and bulgarian folk music with influences by rock, pop and oriental music on a very high technical level.

It was formed in Trondheim, Norway in 1991 by four students of the Jazz Department at the Conservatory of Music of Trondheim. Saxophonist Haavard Lund left the band during fall of 1995 and Trifon Trifonov from Bulgaria joined as new saxophonist in December 1995.

Line Up:
Stian Carstensen: accordion, guitar
Nils-Olav Johansen: guitar, vocals
Jarle Vespestad: drums
Haavard Lund: saxophone (until 1995)
Trifon Trifonov: saxophone (since 1995)
Finn Guttormsen: bass, vocals

Speed / Balkan / Boogie (Live) -...

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