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Astrid S (NO)

Astrid S (also known by her full name Astrid Smeplass or just Astrid) is a Norwegian singer. She placed number five in the Norwegian version of the reality television show Pop Idol in 2013.

Growing up in a small town (Berkåk, Norway), Astrid got into music at an early age and at six she started to play the piano. Not long after she was also playing several instruments, in addition to sing and write songs. At the age of 16 she participated in the Norwegian version of Pop Idol in 2013. During her time in the competition, she released her single "Shattered" as Astrid Smeplass. The single was written by her, Lars K. Hushoft and Melanie Fontana. "Shattered" has been streamed over 5 million times and sold to gold in just one w...

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