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Orchestre National De Jazz (FR)

The Orchestre National de Jazz is a French big band, the noted French jazz musician (also a musician living in France) to work in.
1986 was the Orchestre National de Jazz at the initiative of the musicologist Maurice Fleuret under Jack Lang as Minister of Culture founded. The orchestra is funded by the French Republic. The current artistic director, was raised an ensemble together.
Artistic director, were at first for a year, the saxophonist and flutist François Jeanneau, then the saxophonist Antoine Hervé (1987-1989), Claude Barthélemy (1989-1991), Denis Badault (1991-1994) and Laurent Cugny (1994-1997). Then headed Didier Levallet the orchestra. From 2000 to 2002 was followed by Paolo Damiani and Francois Jeanneau at the top....

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