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Afro-Dite are Kayo Shekoni, Blossom Tainton and Gladys del Pilar. The successful trio won the Swedish selection to the Eurovision Song Contest 2002, with the song "Never Let It Go", and finished 8th in Tallinn.
In 2003 they entered the national selection again, with "Aqua Playa". In the national finals "Aqua Playa" finished 7th.

So far they've released one album and four singles. Another album is on the way and is expected to be released 2006/2007.

Eurovision Song Contest 2002 - Tallinn
Entry for Sweden

Performer: Afro-dite
Song title: Never Let It Go
Song writer(s): Marcos Ubeda
Song composer(s): Marcos Ubeda

Sang in Position: 12
Final Position: 8

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