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Texasbob Juarez (UK)

Makeout Point

Makeout Point is an indie-pop group based in Denver, Colorado. Their music is characterized by a layered guitar sound, melodic vocals, fast tempos and stylistic left-turns.

The band formed in the winter of 2009 in Denver. In fall of 2009, they self-released the "Three Songs" demo as a download and CD-R.

May 2010 saw the release of "Night Moves," a four song EP released as a 7 inch record and as a download.

In December of 2010, the band released "Don't Look Up," a five song EP, as a free download and appeared on Volume 3 of the Plastic Flower Anagrams compilation with a cover of "Percocet Skiffle" by Thrifty Astronaut.

Makeout Point performs frequently in the Denver metro area an...

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Mama Sonic

Mama Sonic are a four-piece band from Stockholm. They have been credited with the creation of plonk, a musical sub-genre combining elements of British indie-rock and punk rock. Formed in early 2015, they have released one EP to date, entitled Plonk, and plan to release a second within the year. They have recently released their first music video (set to the track Amasonic from their debut EP) and are scheduling promotional tours in Scandinavia and Germany over the summer.

Mama Sonic consist of childhood friends, Jacob Hallerström, Olof Niklasson and brothers Richard and Martin Wedberg. The four previously rallied behind frontman Jacob Hallerström's self-titled project, which ran from September 2013 until the end of 2014 and re...

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