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Formed in 2013 by guitarists Daniel Bermúdez and Gustavo Cirigliano, the band recorded their first album Awakening in late 2015 early 2016 with Tulio Salvatierra on drums. After several live performances with bassist Seba Delacruz (Lvganor), in December 2016 Tulio leaves the band. Soon after, Seba Delacruz also quit the formation. In May 2017 the drummer Guille Carpintero joins the band, enhancing what was done in Awakening and working on new material. After a few months rehearsing as a trio, bassist Nico Giorgetti joins and completes the current line-up

Formada en 2013 por los guitarristas Daniel Bermúdez y Gustavo Cirigliano, la banda graba su primer disco Awakening a finales del 2015 principios del 2016 con Tulio Salv...

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