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Reverend (US)

1. Reverend is a Speed Metal band from the USA, formed in 1989.
Reverend (ep 1989)
World Won't Miss You (1990)
Play God (1991)
Live (ep, 1992)
A Gathering of Demons (ep, 2001)

2. Reverend is a Math/Post-rock band from Detroit, Michigan

3. Reverend is an indie folk act from Boston, MA
Crooked Thieves EP (2010)

4. The Reverend is a trance/house act from Amsterdam, the Netherlands Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA Lic...

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There are at least 6 artists with this name :

1. TORNADO is an Tampere, FINLAND based sleazy thrash band. Massive riffing, clear vocals, thunderous bass and bombastic beats are the formula to the TORNADO sound which is deeply rooted in 80's thrash and a style rooted in 80's sleeze! Releasing 2nd album "Black President" at June 1st, 2015 via WormHoleDeath.
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2. Tornado are a 4 piece thrash metal band from Greece, who released "Fire At Will", their debut album in 2009.

3. Yugoslav/Serbian heavy metal

Neboysha Tasich (guitars, vocals), George Letich...

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