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Eupana was formed in late 2008 with founding members David Underwood and Matt Schoenfeld. After several years of playing venues in New York and New Jersey with a rotating membership, the band took a hiatus to play with new musicians, work on other projects, and occasionally meet to work on new material.

In 2013 the band’s transformation became complete with musicians Rebecca Lowe, Shafeiq Baksh, and Max Bernstein. Since then, they have been working on new material for both ears and eyes. The band entered the studio in the summer of 2014 to record their first full length album, So Many Suns, and will be back on stage with a new audio and visual experience in 2015.

Eupana is based in NJ and NYC and is comprised of:Läs mer

Oh Hiroshima

Oh Hiroshima is a post-rock band formed in Kristinehamn, Sweden by Leif Eliasson and Jakob Nilsson in 2007. Two friends who met in high school and formed a close friendship. What started off as a solo project became a project between two friends who wanted to create and experiment with the music they loved.

After a few months Jakob’s younger brother, Oskar, joined the duo to play bass, but later switched to drums. The three has since been a solid line-up, but it wasn't until 2011 that they found the missing link in the band when Simon Axelsson joined them to play bass.

They have released two EPs and two albums so far:
Empty Places Full of Memories (2009)
Tomorrow (2010)
Resistance Is Futile (2011)Läs mer

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