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Subrosa (US)

There are multiple artists named Subrosa:

1) Subrosa is a doom metal group hailing from Salt Lake City, UT, United States, formed in 2005. The current lineup of Rebecca Vernon (Guitar, vocals), Sarah Pendleton (Electric violin, vocals), Kim Pack (Electric violin, vocals), Levi Hanna ( Bass) and Andy Patterson ( Drums ) produces an eclectic mix of stoner / sludge metal with neoclassical undertones. To quote Sarah,"We are attempting to be the sonic interpreters of that which is intangible".
The band's first full-length album, Strega, emerged in 2008 on I Hate records. Lineup instability undulated up to the following year's EP Swans Trapped in Ice, afterwhich the current lineup solidified and began conception.
The sop...

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Sinistro (PT)

Coming from an unlikely location like Lisbon, Portugal, SINISTRO are the embodiment of both lush and devastating musical landscapes driven by five individuals from distinct art circles.

SINISTRO have been cultivating sonic exploration since writing their self-titled debut album, which was released in 2012 and delivers elegant doom rock combined with a soundtrack like approach that harvested praise from both public and critics alike.

SINISTRO's next effort 'Cidade' (2013) welcomed singer Patrícia Andrade on board and went on to explore a massive wall of guitars combined with gritty keyboard layers and an emotional vocal performance. With the added singing, some writers suggested Fado as one of the band's aesthetic re...

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