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Life Scam (MK)

Disease (MK)

There are at least 4 bands/artists that have recorded under the name of 'Disease'.

1. A Latvian metal band formed in 1996 by Pavel Stepanov.
2. An Italian underground metal band.
3. A Canadian artist from Toronto, Shayan Mannan, who makes electronica and hip-hop.
4. A Macedonian D-beat Raw Punk band

1) The "Disease" band was formed in 1996. The original idea belonged to Piton (Pavel Stepanov), but he decided to invite two more people, who would play bass and drums. The way of playing that was chosen at that time was punk-rock. Playing punk-rock was a temporally chosen style, because musicians had permanently been growing up in technique and manner of playing and were eager to impress thereselves in...

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