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Carlos Nino

Carlos Nino (Carlos Niño) is one half of Ammoncontact (Ninjatune, Plug Research). He is also a member of L.A. based collective Build an Ark (Plug Research / Kindred Spirits), The Life Force Trio (Plug Research) and has produced for Dwight Trible and Daedelus. Carlos Nino also recently collaborated with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson for the LP "Fill the Heart Shaped Cup" (Alpha Pup, 2007) Also on Alpha Pup in 2007 is the collaboration between Carlos Nino and Gaby Hernandez called Carlos y Gaby.
Nino is a prominent member of the current L.A. scene which encompasses a broad range of artists including Flying Lotus, Mia Doi todd, Daedelus, DNTEL, Nobody, Take, The Gaslamp Killer, Madlib, Georgia Anne Muldrow, edIT, and many more.


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