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Jazzklubb Nordost, Jano

Sos Big Band

Lasse Lindgren

Lasse Lindgren is a prominent young bass player from Helsinki, Finland. He has
composed music for a new group of his own called Sunburst. The music of Sunburst
is an interesting mixture of influences from jazz, pop and gospel, just to name
a few. Lindgren´s compositions are highly melodic, radiant and energetic. The
musicians of Sunburst represent the new Finnish jazz generation at its peak.
Lindgren´s debut recording Sunburst has been released in the beginning of May

Lasse Lindgren became well know among the Finnish jazz listeners after playing
bass on the recording Music of Olavi Virta by Jukka Perko & Hurmio-orkesteri,
which was released in the year 2000. The record was the firs...

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Isabella Lundgren

The critically acclaimed jazz singer Isabella Lundgren, with her strong vocals deeply rooted in the early american jazz, blues and gospel tradition, released her debut album "It had to be you" in 2012. She moved to the U.S at the age of 18 to study jazz at the new school university in New York city.
She has collaborated with a wide range of musicians and artist in both classical jazz and commercial pop, from Gavin Degraw and Moby to Eddy Davis, Fabrizio Sotti, Peter Asplund, Dan Barrett, Mino Cineuelo and many others. Since she released her first album has won several scholarships and awards and made a name for herself on the Swedish jazz scene. Read more on . User-contribu...

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