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The Duskfall

The Duskfall are a melodic death metal band from Sweden created by Mikael Sandorf (Helltrain, Gates of Ishtar) in 2001. They have it all - the sheer power of finest thrash riffing, death metal grooves, and out-of-this-world haunting melodies. They released a demo in 2001, and 4 albums between 2001-07. They split-up in 2008 but have returned in 2014 for more!

Formed by guitarist Mikael Sandorf in Luleå, Sweden during 2001, The Duskfall emerged from the ashes of the legendary but short-lived melodic death metal band Gates Of Ishtar. Before they were named The Duskfall - at the time they were called Soulash - the group suffered from a number of line-up changes and technical problems with both Tommi Konu (bass) and Urban Carlsson ...

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Apophys (NL)

Epic sci-fi Death Metal band from the Netherlands, formed in 2012 by (former) members of Detonation, God Dethroned, Prostitute Disfigurement and Toxocara.

Debut promo released in June 2013.
Response froms fans to the 2013 demo material was completely overwhelming and with expectations quite high already for this young band, they sit poised to finally release their debut full length world wide on Metal Blade Records.

"Prime Incursion" will take you on an epic venture across the known universe and beyond. With themes ranging from transcendental travel, rapid evolutionary progression, and global epidemics, to artificial intelligence in an all out war with their maker. All inspired by modern art, media, and scienc...

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Disquiet (NL)

There are at least two different bands performing under the name "Disquiet".

1.) Melodic thrash metalheads Disquiet were founded in March 2000. With their first 2 demos ('Above the Law’ in 2000 and 'The Plague' in 2002) numerous shows were played in this period. Throughout the coming years continuous changes in the line-up and other setbacks resulted in years of silence..
Despite this misfortune Disquiet kept developing with a strong believe in their music. Their style moved to Bay Area orientated thrash metal mixed with melodic European metal elements. From Testament to Arch Enemy altered with some modern metalcore influences. The three track promo ‘Hate Incarnate’ (2008) indicates this start of a new era.
May 2011,...

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