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The Duskfall

The Duskfall are a melodic death metal band from Sweden created by Mikael Sandorf (Helltrain, Gates of Ishtar) in 2001. They have it all - the sheer power of finest thrash riffing, death metal grooves, and out-of-this-world haunting melodies. They released a demo in 2001, and 4 albums between 2001-07. They split-up in 2008 but have returned in 2014 for more!

Formed by guitarist Mikael Sandorf in Luleå, Sweden during 2001, The Duskfall emerged from the ashes of the legendary but short-lived melodic death metal band Gates Of Ishtar. Before they were named The Duskfall - at the time they were called Soulash - the group suffered from a number of line-up changes and technical problems with both Tommi Konu (bass) and Urban Carlsson ...

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