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Tales of Japan

Yoshiko Kishino

Born in Tokyo, Yoshiko Kishino had started playing the piano when she was three, following her parents' advice.
Even then, she outshined others in having perfect pitch, and she could turn all the music she heard into music sheets in her mind, surprising those who were around her.
Surrounded by and raised in her family of music lovers, she had been awakened to band-activities, so she put together a band copying the Beatles after she had entered junior high school while studying classical music.
She had seen eyes on the hit-tunes on the radio, and had joined in various bands when she was in high school, very much actively played in a number of school festivals.
So, she had spent such impressive youth as a band-girl ...

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Bohuslän Big Band

The Bohuslän Big Band is a modern jazz ensemble from Sweden which started as a military orchestra in the 19th century. They play original music as well as compositions by Lars Jansson, Maria Schneider, Frank Zappa among others.
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