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La Coka Nostra (US)

La Coka Nostra (or short LCN) is an American hip hop supergroup, comprised mainly of all former members of House of Pain, Ill Bill, former member of Non Phixion, Slaine[Special Teamz], and various other MCs and producers. Founded by Danny Boy in early 2006, La Coka Nostra is a new project that has reunited him, Everlast and DJ Lethal for the first time since House of Pain's split.

The group's name is derived from the notorious criminal organization (La) Cosa Nostra, which means "This Thing Of Ours", with the Italian word Cosa ("thing" meaning "business") being replaced by the Spanish word Coka which stands for Cocaine. Slaine has noted the idea for the name was to incorporate some slang with the gangster theme, so the name wou...

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