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Nifelheim was formed in Dals Långed, Sweden in 1990 by Tyrant (bass/guitar), Demon (drums) and Hellbutcher (vocals). Soon they were also joined by guitarist Morbid Slaughter.
Around New Years 92/93 the band made their first recording and released the legendary landmark of metal - "Unholy Death Demo". Reviewers were shocked! Nifelheim delivered music unheard of since the glory days of Venom, Hellhammer, Bathory and early Mayhem. Great reviews in mags and a massive underground word of mouth got the record labels interested.

The band signed with Necropolis Records and in 1994, after kicking out Morbid Slaughter they entered Studio Fredman to record their self titled debut album. The band is still banned from that studio... ...

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Ice Age

There are 5 known bands who use the name Ice Age:

1) Most well-known on the progressive rock / metal Ice Age, founded in the early 90s.
2) Swedish Female Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal band active mostly in the 80s.
3) Hardcore band from NY. The band consists of (former) members of This Is Hell, Up The Fury, Soldiers, etc.
4) Young band from Copenhagen. They spell Iceage in one word. (
5) Gothic Rock band from Germany. Released one cassette in '92.

1) Ice Age is a progressive rock / metal band, founded in the early 90s. Their debut album "The Great Divide" (1999) was a great prog album in the vein of bands like Dream Theater and Vanden Plas. In 2001 the band releas...

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Art Nation


Created in the late 2012, Veonity is a power metal band hailing from Sweden. Back then the band consisted of Sköld, Samweli, Lidre and Dahlqvist, but after a long search for a vocalist De Silva joined the lineup, in the early spring of 2013, and the band became complete.

Just a few weeks after the band's completion, Veonity headed into the studio in March 2013 to record their first Demo/Ep "Live Forever", which was finished in the end of summer/early autumn the same year.


Vocals: De Silva
Guitar: Sköld
Guitar: Samweli
Bass: Lidre
Drums: Dahlqvist Read more on . User-contributed text is available ...

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