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T Bear

The Dukes (US)

There is more than one artist called The Dukes:

(1) The Dukes are a 4 piece rock and roll band from Cincinnati, OH. Their sound is reminiscent of 60s rock and roll, but it has the energy and minimalist approach of modern garage rock. Members include Lucas Frazier, Luke Darling, Randy Proctor, and Dave Reid.

(2) The Dukes were formed from a supergroup of musicians in the late 70's. The members included singer Miller Anderson, guitarist Jimmy McCulloch, Ronnie Leahy and bassist Charlie Tumahai.

Only one album was put out before Jimmy McCulloch died.

(3) The Dukes are a four-piece pop/rock band from Christchurch, New Zealand.

(4) The Dukes were a 1960s beat group from The Netherland...

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