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What's Left of the Sun


Woes (UK)

There are various artists called "Woes":
1.) A British Pop Punk band. They have released a self-titled as well as two singles, as of September 2017.

2.) A Blackened Hardcore band from Copenhagen, Denmark. WOES represents a brand new take on the Copenhagen DIY Hardcore scene.

3.) A Japanese punk band with heavy metal leanings.
They released a one-sided, two track 7" flexi in 1987 called "Time Bomb".

4.) A raw Black Metal / D-beat / Sludge crossover band from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. Formed 2011. WOES recorded an EP entitled "Valley of Desolation" which is due to be released in 2013.

5.) Woes is an emcee from California, formally of the group B-B...

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