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Zaum (CA)

There are multiple artists under the name of Zaum:

1. Zaum is a psychedelic doom metal band from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The duo draws influences from the Middle East and bands like Om.

2. Zaum was an experimental project band that includes Tool drummer Danny Carey, along with Tool associates Chris Pitman, Vince DeFranco, and Marco Fox.
The official Tool newsletter of April 2000 had the following to say the about the project:

Zaum had some demos available a few years ago through Tool's management, Larrikin. Lately the members Marco Fox, Danny Carey, and Mother Goose have been too busy to put something out, but are hoping to go through over twenty hours of material to put something together. <...

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Narcosatanicos (DK)

Narcosatanicos is a psychedelic/noise rock band from Aarhus, Denmark. Formed in 2012 by members of Spökraket, Heavy Friends and Hahn Kult, the six-person band is a foray into aspects of psychedelia less traveled within the genre- that of the negative narcotic experience, the paranoia, the frenzied euphoria and the all-consuming bad trip.
To this end, the group draws on various influences from late 60’s protopunk and krautrock on to more recent variants of surreal and aggressive music to create an intense live presence that incorporates multiple guitars, saxophones, vocalists and warped live visuals.

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