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Kel Assouf

When the Nigerien singer/guitarist Aboubacar ‘Anana’ Harouna arrived in Brussels in 2005, he was inspired by the city to bring his superb desert blues up to date. He discovered a city of blends, with a huge cultural diversity, and used it to add a touch of reggae, a hint of Afrobeat, and even some salsa. 
With musicians that come from Mauritania, Ghana, France, Mali and Algeria, Kel Assouf is a good reflection of our large European cities: pluri-cultural and full of new musical fusions that carry a message of peace, union and solidarity between people and cultures.
Fans of desert blues need not worry.

The influences only enhance music that remained rooted in the Sahara. 
Kel Assouf – which means ‘son of the desert’, ‘son of th...

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