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Plavi Orkestar

Plavi orkestar (English: Blue Orchestra) is one of the most popular bands from former Yugoslavia. The band was founded in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia in 1983. It was originally named "Ševin orkestar"(The Lark's Orchestra) but there existed a band named "Ševe"(Larks) so the band took its present name.

The band has remained popular to the present day with 8 albums and more than 3500 concerts worldwide. The band was formed in 1983 by Saša Lošić aka Loša who was the lead singer and songwriter of the group.

In the winter of 1984/1985, the band's first album Soldatski bal (Soldier's Ball) was recorded. From this album the band had many hit singles such as "Suada", "Medena curice" (Honey Girl), "Odlazi nam raja" (Our Frien...

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