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There are (at least) 2 bands called Twig.
1. TWIG from Stockholm, SWE
2. Twig from Boston, USA (1992-1996)

1.) TWIG are a Stockholm based pop band consisting of Henrik Lindén, Mathias Nilsson, and Joakim Bengtsson. The group started out as Laura Drum but later changed their name to TWIG. Their debut album, Life After Ridge, was released on Plastilina Records in the summer of 2008.

2.) Twig were a Boston band that existed from 1992-1996. They consisted of Trisha Matthews (Guitar, Vocals), Julie Kantner (Guitar, Vocals), Niels LaWhite (Bass), and Ramona Herboldsheimer (Drums).
Following the breakup of their previous band Fertile Virgin, guitarists Ju...

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