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Gustav Lundgren Trio

Gustav Lundgren is one of Sweden's most prominent jazz guitarists right now. He was born in Stockholm 1980, started to play guitar at age 12. He studied music in Stockholm, Bollnäs and Svalöv between 1996-2000. Gustav started to play at clubs around Stockholm at age 16 and made his first tour to Spain with his own trio at age 19. Between 2000-2011 Gustav toured Japan, USA, Indonesia, England, Brazil, France, Syria, Turkey, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland with different jazz groups. He has recorded over 45 CDs as a side man and 7 solo albums. Gustav Lundgren has been working with names like: Jimmy Rosenberg, Jorge Rossy, Lelo Nika, Dorado Schmitt, Dick Oatts, Marian Petrescu, Rasmus Faber & Gust...

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