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Princess Nokia (US)

Hip-hop firebrand Princess Nokia, formerly known as Wavy Spice, is setting boundaries and barriers ablaze with her highly flammable music and incendiary worldview.

Born Destiny Frasqueri, the Harlem native raps about drugs, men, and growing up in the inner city as a young Puerto Rican woman. She gained notoriety with foggy ’90s throwback, “Bitch I’m Posh,” but it’s in her recent metamorphosis into Princess Nokia, the supernatural hood fairy who sings everything from New Age R&B to tribal hymns, where the depth of her bravado becomes clear.

Her full-length debut "Metallic Butterfly", was released May 12, 2014, with previously released tracks "Dragons", "Nokia", and "Yaya" as well as a collection of new tracks. The r...

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