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Progress Productions 13

Sturm Café

Old school EBM act from Gävle, Sweden which started off as a project heavily influenced by Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, but through the years have developed into their own unique sound, a mixture of neue deutsche welle, electropunk, and EBM. They are known for intelligent and unique melodies as well as humorous and at the same time advanced song-writing. The members are Gustav Jansson (live keys, songwriting) and Jonatan Löfstedt (singing, songwriting).

Sturm Café has released two full-length albums: So Seelisch So Schön in 2005 and Europa! in March 2015. Inbetween this ten year period they have released several EP's and singles and participated on various compilations.

Sturm Café were among the first bands t...

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