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Edvard Graham Lewis (UK)

Uppsala Konstmuseum
Drottning Christinas väg 1 E, Uppsala slott, ingån...
752 37 Uppsala

Edvard Graham Lewis (UK)

Edvard Graham Lewis, or Graham Lewis (born Edward Graham Lewis, 22 February 1953), is an English musician currently living in Uppsala, Sweden.

Lewis is the bassist with punk rock/post-punk band Wire, a band formed in 1976. On Wire's first studio album Graham Lewis was credited as Lewis; he continued to be known by this abbreviation; however some subsequent record credits give his full name.

He worked on various other music projects, usually of a more electronic and experimental nature, such as Dome (with fellow Wire member B.C. Gilbert), Duet Emmo (with B.C. Gilbert and Daniel Miller), P'o, Kluba Cupol, Ocsid (with Jean-Louis Huhta), Where Everything Falls Out (with Kenneth Cosimo and Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic), H...

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