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Mönsterås Bluesband

Mönsterås Blues Band was formed in 1974 and only three of the five on stage have been involved ever since.

Mönsterås Blues Band (MBB) started by Carl-Magnus "Calle" Engström, harmonica, guitar, vocals, Mats Grönqvist, guitar, vocals, Peo Fahlström, keyboards, Tommy Lindberg drums and Gunnar Eriksson, bass on May 2, 1974 .

Since 2012, MBB only consists of 3/5ths of the bands original lineup. The new members are Tommy Medner (since 1995) and Bosse Olsson (since 1987). A variety of musicians over the years has come and gone, such as Jim Ingvarsson, drums Lars Hamnede, keyboards, Tomas Idebrant, drums, Eva Bergquist, keyboards, Erland Jakobsson, keyboards, Bosse "Shorty Bo" Johnson, bass, etc.

The band's re...

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