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Apocalyptic Brass Collective


There are 3 artists named Melo.

1) A Rapper from Nummela, Finland.

2) A dnb dj/producer from Ohio, USA.

3) Born and raised with the grassroots of the Swedish dirty south, Nils Tull, formally known as Melo got his musical inclination from his own family. His mother’s maiden name, Glenmark, represents an era of Pop and Rock culture in Sweden that is well known and respected still to this day.

Of early age, Melo learned to value his musical roots when he at the age of 4 was given his first drum set to later at the amazing age of 7 got to lay down the drum track for an entire album. Later in high school he acquired the skills of a pianist when he in his teens also discovered his own vocal talent. A...

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