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Midvinterblot was founded in October 2010 by Pamela "Trollgumma" Wasiluk and Stefan Stolica. The band has been working on its own material ever since and was mostly focused on live gigs which resulted in the band only having one demo recording. During the two years of the band's existence, some smaller changes in line-up have occurred and the band currently includes seven members.

Fisk - Vocals and Flute
Samuel Byström - Drums
Måns Carlbring - Guitar
Anton Trollmania - Guitar
Stefan Stolica - Bass
Sten Oskar ''Trollpung'' Johansson - Vocals
Sebastian Rosengren - Violin Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.Läs mer




There's two bands with the name Skymning:

1. Skymning was formed in late 1996 by Kim (R.I.P.) - vocals, Johannes - guitar, Christian - guitar, Sebastian - bass and Ola - Drums. In 1997 Christian left the band and Robert replaced him. They went to Los Angered Recordings and recorded a demotape called "At the fields of Megiddo" with producer Andy LaRoque (King Diamond) in early 1998 and signed a record deal with Invasion Records (Germany) and went back to Los Angered to record their debut album "Stormchoirs" in december that same year. "Stormchoirs" was released January 1999 in Europe and Japan. After that Kim left the band and Robert took the mic aswell. Later that year Invasion Records collapsed and Skymning stood without a la...

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