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Windhand (US)

Windhand is a stoner / doom metal band from Richmond, Virginia which formed in 2008.

Current Lineup:
Ryan Wolfe: Drums
Parker Chandler (Cough): Bass
Dorthia Cottrell: Vocals
Garrett Morris: Guitar
Asechiah Bogdan: Guitar

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Satan's Satyrs (UK)

Loud, dirty, gritty rock 'n roll band from Herndon, Virginia. They formed in the summer of 2009. The band features Clayton “Claytanas” Burgess (bass, vocals), Jarrett Nettnin (guitar) and Stephen Fairfield (drums). They incorporate elements of punk, doom, stoner and garage rock into their music. In April 2013, they played Roadburn Festival twice, first as personally selected guests of Electric Wizard at the 'Electric Acid Orgy', and then a day later performing a set completely dedicated to Blue Cheer. Merging the riffing, the tone, the fuzz, and the cult-horror worship of the ultra-doom underground with the unbridled energy, lo-fi production, and fuck-you attitude of garage punk seems like such a natural fit that it’s impossible to belie...

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