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Kieran Halpin

Travelling Irish folk-rock singer-songwriter and acoustic guitar player with a blues feel. His concerts are about pure music on acoustic guitar, unlike the older studio work you hear here. The track Mission Street (reprise) will appeal to those who like Japanese Anime Soundtracks. CD's that give an impression of Kieran's concerts: 'Glory Dayz' (1995) live with Chris Jones (RIP) on lead acoustic guitar, and 'Akoustik' (1992) with Jimmy Faulkner (RIP) on lead acoustic guitar (ex-Christy Moore and Paul Brady bands). Several of his songs were covered by Dolores Keane, The Battlefield Band, The John Wright Band ("Hold On"&"All the Answers" in a version sounding like some Antony and the Johnsons stuff), Vin Garbutt, Niamh Parsons, Gerald...

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