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Demon's Claws (CA)

Montreal in the last ten years has undoubtedly been a bastion of rootsy, homemade rock'n roll that moves people in a serious way. There's something about the majority of people who 'get it' vs. those who don't that makes that city such a great breeding ground, and the Demon's Claws are the latest pioneers to make their way out with an intimidating shove. Formed from members of the Scat Rag Boosters and the Cut Offs looking for a way to break down music to it's simplest parts, but without any of the snobby aloofness of post-punk, they hit the nail on the head with a winning formula. And with a range that qualifies them as possessors of real talent, they mangle authentic country cuts right along with their tight, 2-chord tonal tantrums whi...

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