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Northlane (AU)

Northlane is a progressive metalcore band from Sydney, Australia. Having emerged in 2009, they maintain all the angst and aggression of conventional hardcore, however have crafted a fresh and innovative approach to modern metalcore into their style.

The current lineup:
Marcus Bridge - Vocals (2014-)
Jon Deiley - Guitar (2009-)
Josh Smith - Guitar (2009-)
Alex Milovic - Bass (2009-2010, 2011-)
Nic Petterson - Drums (2010-)

Past Members:

Adrian Fitipaldes – Vocals (2009–2014)
Brendan Derby – Drums (2009)
Mitchell Collier – Drums (2010)
Simon Anderson – Bass (2010–2011)

2010 Debut EP - Hollow Existence
2011 Debut Album - Discoveries
2013 Sophomor...

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Erra is a progressive metalcore band hailing from Birmingham, AL. Erra was founded in 2009 and to date they have released 3 EPs and 3 full length albums. The name "Erra" comes from the god of mayhem in Akkadian mythology; their song 'Seven' on the album"Impulse" tells some of the epic of Erra.

Current Lineup:
Heavy Vocals - J.T. Cavey
Guitar/Clean Vocals - Jesse Cash
Drums - Alex Ballew
Bass/Guitar - Sean Price

2010 Debut EP - EP
2010 Second EP - Andromeda
2011 Debut Album - Impulse
2013 Sophomore Album - Augment
2014 Third EP - Moments of Clarity
2016 Third Album - Drift

The band was formed by members of "By Blood and Iron," a Birmingham loca...

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Invent Animate

the band ch
Hometown: Port Neches, TX
Genre: Progressive Metalcore / Djent
Trey Celaya - Drums
Ben English - Vocals
Keaton Goldwire - Guitar
Logan Forrest - Guitar

Bursting out the scene from Port Neches, Texas comes Invent Animate. A 5 piece metalcore band simply doing what they love. With a different style that most metalcore bands, Invent, Animate is bringing a fresh new sound to the scene. Come on out and support!

Everything starts as a simple thought. A thought grows into an idea,and it's your job to bring it to life. That's exactly how Invent Animate formed in late 2010. After a few demos Invent Animate is ready to br...

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Ocean Grove

[1] Ocean Grove are not just another band; they are a collective. Emerging from the depths of Melbourne in 2010, Ocean Grove have progressively developed a distinguishable sound like no other. As one of the most talked about acts in the heavy music world, Ocean Grove aren’t going to buy your respect, they are going to earn it as per their binding agreement in The Rhapsody Manifesto.

Ocean Grove Create Art With No Limits.

Their previous genre-bending EP, Black Label (2015), showcased the evolution of their creativity by track listing each song in the the order of creation, with multi-faceted drummer Sam Bassal overseeing the recording, mixing and mastering process. On stage, the beast appears and their penchant for t...

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