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Den Flygande Bokrullen

Den Flygande Bokrullen started out as a duo in the University town of Uppsala in the early nineties with Matti Pohjola and Gustav Johansson. Back then DFB had many different kinds of folk music in its repertoire.

Hearing "Bobrikov" (a version of the tune Khsidishe Nigun by Boibriker Kapelle) by the Swedish group Norrlåtar, and the album Metropolis by the Klezmorim were pivotal musical experiences for the aspiring young musicians. Oskar found this record in the Pohjola brothers' mother's record collection. The group became a quintet in 1994 when the founders' younger brothers, Oskar Pohjola and Carl Johansson, and a friend, Lars Ydgren joined. In 1999 the new bass player Arvid Petterson joined when Oskar left the group and mov...

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