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Unsane (US)

Unsane is an influential noise rock music trio from New York City. They are generally classified as noise rock, but their music also touches on elements of hardcore punk and metal. The band's self-titled début was released in 1991 and was known for its harsh music and gruesome cover art: a photo of a decapitated man on a New York city subway track, his body still wearing a Members Only jacket.

Finding limited mainstream success, Unsane are nonetheless hugely influential; writer Patrick Kennedy writes that "while developing the blueprint for noise metal bands to follow, Unsane cut a remarkable swath through underground music, inspiring a devoted, cult-like following around the globe."

Unsane was formed in 1988 by sin...

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Karpis is a band from Stockholm in Sweden that were formed by Tobias Lund, Robin Lund and Kalle Hallgren in mid 2007. The current line-up is Tobias Lund (bass & vocals), Robin Lund (guitar & vocals) & Kalle Hallgren (drums).

They have had guest vocalists Anton Olofsson & Leroy Norrby both on recordings and live shows.

They play downtuned, noisy and heavily distorted rock music with often complex drumming and odd time signatures. Karpis musical style includes elements of progressive rock, doom metal, hardcore and some cowboy rock.

Brothers Tobias & Robin Lund also play together in the band Jellyfish Syndrome where Tobias plays guitar and sings and Robin plays drums.
Robin Lund & Kalle Hallgren played ...

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