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The band was founded in the summer of 2002 by Hravn and Throllv. First they discussed to do an unserious project together but in the early fall the same year they started for real! The first songs they ever wrote were a primitive kind of black metal and the lyrics were in Swedish.

Fortunately they abandoned that genre and moved on to the extreme black/death metal they play today. Rimfrost had a lot of trouble finding the right bass player. Hravn and Throllv are the only two orginal members left in the band.

Rimfrost recorded their debut album in the end of the summer 2006. It was released by No Colours in autumn 2006.

Current line-up
Hravn (2002-)
Throllv (2002-)
Peter Laustsen (2009-) ( Th...

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Burning Darkness

.. Residing in Leerdam (The Netherlands) -

BURNING DARKNESS - started out around 2003. Back then, it was only Pieter (guitars) and Renzo (drums). Just two friends, jamming away in the style they liked and always wanted to play, combining heavy, thrashy riffs and ditto drumbeats.

Then guitarist Leon Vonville entered the scene as second guitarist. He introduced Constantijn de Jonge as bass player. After Leon quit the band Constantijn also started to do the vocals.

February 2007 finally saw the birth of their debut CD 'The Cantarian Curse', a concept story about a man whose worse nightmare becomes reality. Because all of the band members were quite unexperienced with recording it took a lot of time to recor...

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Havamal is a Folkish Black Metal band from the cold depths of Finland. Havamal hasn't released any albums yet, only demo recordings that can be found on the web for free.
Havamal was formed in 2004 by Runedancer and Lupus Noctem. Inspired by early Black Metal and Folklores (Both "Eddas" and "Kalevala") Havamal continues the battle that once took place and charges ahead with their newly sharped swords.
Odalism, Realism and Nihilism are the band members philosophy and that can be seen and heard in their music.

There also used to be a "swedish" (?) viking metal band with the same name. Do not confuse them with one another. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA Licen...

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